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Dr. Robert Dziejma, D.M.D.


dr.jpgA Massachusett’s native, Dr. Dziejma grew up in the community of Worcester. He attended the University of Colgate where he received his undergraduate honors degree in biology. Next he attended the University of Connecticut, where he received his Doctorate in Dental Medicine.

Dr. Dziejma completed hundreds of hours of courses in postgraduate dentistry at the Medical University of South Carolina where he was able to complete hands on training. He is dedicated to the newest advancements in cosmetic dentistry and keeps up-to-date with the latest technologies.

Following graduation, Dr. Dziejma became a faculty member at the University Of Connecticut School Of Dental Medicine for 2 years. Shortly after, a great opportunity to give back to his country approached and Dr. Dziejma joined the Air force. The Air Force stole Dr. Dziejma’s heart for over 9 years in which he worked in the Dental section. While giving back to his country, he met his soul mate, Mary Ann. This wonderful couple has been married for over 40 years! They have one daughter, Sara.

Dr. Dziejma loves his family and wanted to start a different path in his life. He moved his family to Tennessee, and joined a practice where he served the local community for 25 years. Most recently, Dr. Dziejma moved himself and his wife to Manassas, VA to be closer to their daughter. In his free time, Dr. Dziejma enjoys reading and landscaping.

A Personal Quote:

“One of the most fulfilling things about being a dentist is combining art and science using my hands and mind to help create confidence and self-esteem in others. I love the one to one relationship that I have with my patients as we discuss a treatment plan that will provide them with the best possible dental care for a healthy mouth”

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